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NASA Study shows common plants help reduce indoor air pollution....
Common indoor plants may provide a valuable weapon in the fight against rising levels of indoor air pollution. Those plants in your office or home are not only decorative, but NASA scientists are finding them to be surprisingly useful in absorbing potentially harmful gases and cleaning the air inside modern buildings.

Naturally Healthy Home
We need fresh air in our homes, not only for the body's metabolic functions but also to remove mold spores and viruses the home and prevent the accumulation of chemical offgassing, dust, and uncombusted gases from home appliances. While outside air is often less clean than we might wish, it can still be up to ten times cleaner than indoor air.

The California Interior Plantscape Association
The California Interior Plantscape Association is made up of individuals and companies committed to promoting professionalism in our industry. Established in 1994 by merging four smaller local associations, CIPA has emerged as the strongest, most active, regional association of its kind in the country today.

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