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 Shades of Green: Frequent Questions

Why do I need a plant service?

Plants add a professional atmosphere to your corporate image and warmth to your home. In addition, to the enhanced beauty of having plants surround you, they create a pleasant and environmentally sound work or living space. NASA research shows that adding plants to your environment reduces sick building syndrome and stress as well as regulates humidity. For more details on the NASA research, click here.

What is sick building syndrome?

NASA identified 107 volatile and potentially cancer causing gases in its Sky Lab III space flights. Research of nearly 20 years has shown that plant leaves, roots, and soil bacteria can dramatically reduce levels of toxic vapors.

Much as a spacecraft, tightly sealed buildings "retain" toxic gases. The result is polluted indoor air, a condition called "sick building" syndrome. Research and testing have revealed that living green and flowering plants clean pollutants from the air and can make sick buildings healthy. One plant per 100 feet should be effective in removing pollutants from the air.

What services do you provide?

Shades of Green creates a design that complements your specific environment. We choose the correct plants that not only accentuate your decor but plants that will thrive in the existing conditions. You choose the purchase or lease plan, that works for you or your business. Shades of Green supplies all plants and containers in an efficient and timely manner.

How often do you service accounts?

This depends on the job. Some accounts are set up with controlled watering systems and only need care bi-monthly. Others accounts are visited every 10 days. Plants are always given the proper care needed.

Can I choose my own plants and containers?

Shades of Green has a beautiful portfolio of plants and containers to choose from however, we will work with you if you purchase or own your plants already. During our more than twenty-five years in business we have always catered to our customers needs.

What guarantee do you provide?

Our plant care provides a regularly scheduled program for maintaining the health of your plants. If any plant should fall short of our high standards of appearance we will automatically replace it at no charge to our client.

Can I purchase plants and still get the guarantee?

If Shades of Green is under contract to maintain your plants, we will replace any of those that might fall ill.

How do controlled watering systems work?

The plant is potted into a special container that has a reservoir, which holds water. There is a sensor attached to the container that allows the plant to "drink" the water as needed. This is a great way to ensure your plants are getting the proper care for growth and success, especially if you plan to purchase the plants and care for them yourself.

Do you lease or rent plants and containers?

Yes, we lease plants with a minimum six-month contract. We provide specimen plants, decorative containers and guaranteed plant care. A monthly fee is charged to cover lease and maintenance.
(minimum charge $200.00 per month).

Do you provide seasonal color?

Yes, we provide exotic bromeliads, orchids, poinsettias and live art display's in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Go Green With Shades of Green

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