About Us:

Shades of Green is a high quality interior plant Design Company located in San Jose, California.  Founded in 1980 we provide excellent service and treat each customer as a new experience. Shades of Green offers unique plant and container selections and a wide array of plants to chose from that thrive in a variety of different environments. We provide professional service and continued high quality maintenance from a dedicated team of experts.


Why Shades Of Green?

Shades of Green provides excellent corporate and residential interior plant design services throughout the south bay area. Our full range of services includes initial consultation, design and layout advice as well as plant and container installation. We offer the choice of lease maintenance or purchase maintenance options. We have received numerous Interior Plant Design awards and have a long list of satisfied customers. Look through our website to see examples of our work.
Quality products and service guaranteed!


100% Guarantee

If after a consultation, you select the "Purchase Maintenance" or the "Lease Maintenance" option, all plants that we supply to you are backed by a 100% guarantee. If you select the "Purchase Only" option, we provide instructions for the care of your plants.

Go Green With Shades of Green

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