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  Shades of Green: Container Selections

We will be happy to help you select the appropriate plants and containers for your business or home. Listed below are some of the containers that are available today, ranging from custom designs to standard terracotta pots. 

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Malaysia and China Pottery
Most of this pottery comes from family-owned pottery in Malaysia and China. Thousands of styles, all meticulously hand-crafted.

Terracotta You Will Love
The selection of terracotta never ends. A wide choice of selections available.

Gala of Terracotta Pots
These are just a few design selections to choose from in the terracotta pot format.

Imperial Planters
Here are just a few of the special order containers from around the world.

Self-Watering Containers
Why Use Self-Watering Containers?

Go Green With Shades of Green

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