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  Shades of Green: Bay Area Homes

Shades Of Green specializes in creating a warm and soothing environment with the use of plants in both residential and business settings. We use specimen foliage and designer containers to accentuate your existing design style. We also work with architects and interior designers to accomplish the best possible effect. Having won numerous awards, Jonah is well known for her creative arrangements and placement ability for an overall balanced look.

Customer Home
Raphis Palm in Spiral Staircase

Bamboo Palm
Bamboo Palm in Crackle Porcelain China Bowl
with Live Art Orchid Arrangement

Raphis Palm
Raphis Palm in Rustic Urn

Timber Bamboo
Timber Bamboo

Cissus Ivy
Cissus Ivy in custom Asian Urn with Brass Stand

Cordalyne Planet

Raphis Palm in Bronze and Blue Urn
Raphis Palm in Bronze and Blue Urn

Fishtail Palm in Blue Asian Urn
Fishtail Palm in Blue Asian Urn

Schefflera and chair.

Raphis Palm by spiral stariway.
Raphis Palm with underplanting.

Go Green With Shades Of Green

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